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Why Choose Simplified Business Solutions?

About Simplified Business Solutions

​SBS understands each business is unique in their structure, goals, and priorities. Therefore, we do not offer cookie cutter solutions. Our goal is to understand your specific needs. We work with you to help your organization find tailored solutions to increase revenue, mitigate risk, decrease cost, organize agreements, and maintain customer excellence.

SBS is not a high-pressure sales organization. Our priority is to educate, assist, and provide directions that will help our customers achieve their business goals without the hassle of pushy sales techniques.

Our customers never feel pressured into selecting a solution with our organization. SBS has seen firsthand the tricks and tactics of those who just want to “close the deal”. We will make sure that your organization receives the best solutions according to your needs and not the needs of others.

We at SBS pride ourselves on maintaining integrity, working with excellence, and taking care of our customers. We understand that there are other options from which you may choose. We never take it for granted when our customers choose us as a valued partner to help with their business.

Michael L. Dillingham. President and CEO

President and CEO, Michael L Dillingham has more than 23 years of communications & technology experience. This experience has been specifically focused on working with businesses to support their communications and technology needs.

Michael has served in the capacity of Top Sales Person, Director of Sales, and Regional Sales Trainer for such prestigious organizations as MCI, Mcleous USA, later known as Patec, and Windstream. In these positions Michael has helped thousands of businesses increase revenue, decrease cost, and minimize risk across the states of Missouri and Kansas. He has honed numerous professional relationships and built a reputation of operating with high integrity.

Michael recently made the visionary decision to use his vast industry knowledge and experience to form Simplified Business Solutions (SBS) where he can continue to use his expertise and apply his own unique approach that emphasizes education, simplification and low stress solutions.

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